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3 Dots Cobalt Free Humidity Indicator Card

Humidity indicator card is a product that detects relative humidity in sealed packaging, while cobalt-free halogen-free humidity card is one of the most advanced products, after the use of human skin process found to detect moisture is non-toxic and harmless

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Users can generally use the humidity indicator card to determine the use of humidity in the packaging environment. If the packaging environment reaches the appropriate humidity value. Colors will vary. Most high-end electronics, instruments and equipment, such as electronic components and precision optics, are susceptible to moisture in the air, resulting in reduced sensitivity, rust or some irreversible damage to the product. So a good humidity card can effectively and quickly detect the pass rate of industrial electronic products. Humidity cards are also updated with third-party SGS inspection reports to make products safer when exported to multiple countries. This way customers will buy faster, less worry more peace of mind


6 spots 10%0-20%-30%-40%0-500-60%
4 spots 10%0-2000-30%0-40%

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1 spots 8%

Why use a humidity indicator card?

In most high-tech industries, many industrial electronics are highly moisture sensitive. If the moisture is too high, it can cause damage and failure of industrial electronics products, and in order to continuously verify that the dry packaging methods of these products are not affected during storage and transportation, the humidity indicator card allows users in the supply chain to monitor the packaging condition. After exposure to the relevant relative humidity conditions, the indicator point changes with the packaging environment conditions, allowing the user to monitor the condition of the product packaging at any time. Then quickly make statistics and feedback. Let both parties make faster decisions about future product deals.
Package: HIC +desiccant +lron can +carton box
Storage environment: Temperature s40c, RH s70%:
Term of validity: 12months
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