Chengdu Region Technology Co., Ltd

Basic Information

Our company was established in March 2009 and is located in Chengdu, the capital of Tianfu in the Sichuan Basin in western China. Chengdu Region Technology Company Limited has a wealth of import and export experience, mainly engaged in import and export products and services. In the service: we have been adhering to the customer satisfaction service concept, in the face of the market: we have to ensure quality at the same time to provide product prices have absolute competitiveness and advantages, we adhere to provide customers with first-class product quality and excellent service system, at home and abroad customers to win a very high reputation.

Why Choose Us

Our main humidity card, honeycomb curtain can provide you with cost-effective and the best quality service. Company set sales, logistics, design, customs clearance, and after-sales as one to provide a full range of product support services experience, we can also make high-quality products customized so that customers have more freedom to choose.


With the highest quality,
most efficient service.


Become the world's preferred
supplier to customers


Innovation, professionalism,
teamwork, harmony


Business Philosophy
People - oriented, letter - oriented,
customer - centered

Get Our Service

For inquiries about our products or pricelist, please leave your email to us and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

Company Vision

Chengdu Region Technology Company Limited‘s brand awareness has been growing. In line with the principle of efficient production, integrity management, to create customer-first; Strive to become the world's preferred supplier to customers, to provide the market with the highest quality, most efficient service.


The company's Future Planning

We will gradually increase the number of product types, constantly update or improve product quality. Let customers see more products on the site. And gradually improve the diversification system of international trade.