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New waterproof woven fabric honeycomb curtain

As a smart product, the honeycomb curtain can be controlled freely, whether it is a one-button remote control or a mobile phone remote control, so that you can always control the overall situation when you are not at home.

The curtain fabric is treated with a special process to prevent static electricity, frost, and water. It is not easy to accumulate dust and mildew, and is easy to clean and maintain.
Through the post-finishing such as waterproof and oil-proof, the honeycomb curtain can not only have the excellent texture of the woven fabric, but also have more characteristics to meet the various needs of customers.

Product Detail

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Width   20mm/25mm/38mm
Material   woven fabric
Color   Customized
Shading effect   Semi-blackout/Blackout


20mm   50m2 per carton
25mm   60m2 per carton
38mm   75m2 per carton

Product Characteristics

Application demonstration of new waterproof woven fabric honeycomb curtain:
It's raining and snowing. Let the air be stored in the hollow layer to prevent moisture from penetrating into the house. Very conducive to maintaining indoor temperature and indoor humidity. Without air conditioning, you can enjoy the experience of being warm in winter and cool in summer at home.

Product Details

New woven honeycomb curtain (4)
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New woven honeycomb curtain (1)

Customized Service

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Our entire product line has been rigorously tested and supported by international certifications. We can make differentiated products and provide customized services according to your needs. If you have any questions, you can contact us.

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