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Traditional non-woven fabric honeycomb curtain

Traditional honeycomb curtain, also called organ curtain, is a curtain used in villas, sun rooms and ordinary family rooms. This type of curtain originated in Europe. Due to the unique honeycomb design, the air can be stored in the hollow layer to keep the room at a constant temperature for a long time. At the same time, the honeycomb curtain also has anti-ultraviolet and heat insulation functions, so that household products can be well protected.

Non-woven fabric honeycomb curtains are made of high-quality polyester chemical fiber fabrics. High-quality polyester chemical fiber fabrics are a lot of chemical fiber fabrics in life. Its biggest advantage is wrinkle resistance and good shape retention. We don’t have to worry about non-woven honeycomb curtains being used for a long time. It will deform and lose its original appearance. The diversity of fabrics and colors also makes honeycomb curtains extremely competitive in the international market.

Product fabric color characteristics: in line with international aesthetics, because the back is white, it can also be harmonized and beautiful when it blends with the colors of some buildings.

Product Detail

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Width   20mm/25mm/38mm
Material   Non-woven fabric
Color   Customized
Shading effect   Semi-blackout/Blackout


20mm   50m2 per carton
25mm   60m2 per carton
38mm   75m2 per carton

Product Characteristics

We have improved the traditional production process of honeycomb curtains, using pur wet reactive hot melt adhesive instead of ordinary polyester or polyamide hot melt adhesive. This is a Traditional non-woven fabric honeycomb curtain, which has the advantages of long service life, but also has the advantages of long service life, wear-resistance and dirt resistance of non-woven. At the same time, it also has a great improvement in texture and texture.

Application of Traditional non-woven fabric honeycomb curtain:
Traditional non-woven fabric honeycomb curtain can be divided into the upper opening, lower opening, and upper and lower closing according to the opening mode. The curtains can be opened from the bottom to the top or from the top to the bottom, and can also stay in any position in the middle.The Traditional non-woven fabric honeycomb curtain can also be driven by a small DC motor. Through the speed control device, the coiled rope on the coaxial can rotate and pull the lifting rope up and down to achieve the opening and closing of the curtain. Its unique structure of the limit device enables different specifications of products can be accurately positioned up and down, while the motor is blocked when the motor power supply is automatically cut off so that the motor is not blocked.

Product Details

New woven honeycomb curtain (3)
New woven honeycomb curtain (4)
New woven honeycomb curtain (5)
New woven honeycomb curtain (1)

Customized Service

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Our entire product line has been rigorously tested and supported by international certifications. We can make differentiated products and provide customized services according to your needs. If you have any questions, you can contact us.

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