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Sunshade is the demand of each of our families. A good sunshade system can often bring us extraordinary enjoyment. Honeycomb curtain is such this one, can bring us unusual experience, is our very good choice for shading.

Honeycomb curtain has two forms of full shading and semi-shading, full shading fabric non-woven material, the use of thickened aluminum foil, good durability, can be strong to prevent the invasion of harmful rays such as ultraviolet rays. The semi-shading fabric does not have aluminum foil, adopts special materials, does not contain textile material, the whole does not contain harmful substances, the surface is treated, antistatic at the same time also dustproof, not easy to mildew, shading rate is as high as 70%.

The honeycomb curtain adopts six sides honeycomb design, which can prevent high temperature and isolate heat. In summer, the outdoor heat can not come in, and in winter, the indoor heating can not go out. Keep the indoor warm in winter and cool in summer. Honeycomb structure is a very scientific structure, not only can effectively heat insulation, but also can reduce noise, improve indoor quiet comfort, protect indoor sound does not leak!

Honeycomb curtain is a very popular electric curtain with fixed guide rail of metal frame. In order to make customers more satisfied, we have upgraded its metal frame guide rail into thick track of aluminum alloy material, which is more portable. The specially designed structure makes it stronger.

Electric curtain, the main function is still reflected in control convenient above! Our honeycomb curtain uses a unique control system, discarding the traditional one to one control, a remote control, can control 15 motors, namely 15 curtains. Special motor contains military level chip built-in mute device, effectively reduce vibration and noise, with automatic protection function, equipped with resistance rebound control system, with good heat dissipation, low energy consumption, fast start, long life.

Post time: Sep-03-2021