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What is a humidity card?

1. Humidity card is also called humidity indicator card or humidity test card, temperature and humidity card and so on.

2. The humidity card is used to test that the humidity in the sealed space meets the humidity value that the items in the sealed space can withstand.

3. The function of the humidity card can prevent electronic products or other more sophisticated electronic instruments from being damaged or reducing the durability of the product due to humidity problems, or even directly damaged and unusable.

How to use the humidity card

1. Place the humidity card in a sealed space where you want to test the surrounding humidity, and directly judge the humidity of the surrounding environment according to the color change of the corresponding humidity point on the humidity card, whether it exceeds the humidity that the electronic product can withstand and the absorption of desiccant Tide effect.

There are four types of humidity cards commonly used in the market as follows:

1. Ordinary blue cobalt-containing humidity card Features: containing cobalt, export to the EU is prohibited, suitable for domestic use, and the unit price is relatively cheap.

Cobalt-free humidity indicator card does not have cobalt chloride. Use other types of more environmentally friendly compounds for color change (commercial secrets, so it is troublesome to disclose the actual chemical substances in detail); blue to pink, blue to purple, yellow to blue, yellow to blue, and brown Several kinds such as blue and brown discoloration. Similarly, if the color in the circle changes from dry color to moisture-absorbing color, it means that the humidity in the package meets or exceeds the relative humidity standard value that matches the circle. The cobalt-free humidity indicator card is a green product that complies with the new import and export regulations of EU countries
Chengfeng humidity card is more compatible with desiccant.

Post time: Dec-28-2021