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Hosted by the packaging and processing technology association PMMI, the exhibition will address trends in sustainability, efficiency and product safety, bringing together solutions from more than 2,000 exhibiting companies on the almost sold-out 900,000 net square foot exhibition space.
The exhibition is expected to receive 30,000 attendees, including 5,000 international visitors from more than 125 countries/regions, with a wide range of job functions, including engineers, buyers, production supervisors, packaging designers, brand managers, and marketers , Logistics and supply chain management personnel, as well as company, general, factory and project managers.
INFICON will launch the Contura S600 for the first time, which has a large test room that can effectively test products used in bulk retail and food service applications, as well as large format modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and flexible packaging.
The system is designed for testing products sold in batches, which can help manufacturers extend shelf life, prevent recalls and returns, and reduce waste. The S600 model relies on a proprietary differential pressure method to detect gross and fine leaks, and provides a faster, easier, and quantifiable alternative to methods such as water bath and gas-based testing. Contura S600 is specifically designed for various food applications.
Wexler Packaging Products Inc. will showcase Ravenwood Nobac 500, a bottomless label system that can apply various bottomless paper formats to a range of products. High-speed linerless label systems produce less waste than traditional pressure-sensitive label systems because these labels do not require a backing paper.
With a lower carbon footprint and smaller packaging coverage, the linerless label system replaces typical sleeve and label applications with an environmentally friendly, economical and functional alternative.
Nobac 500 does not need to flip the packaging, and is designed for maximum flexibility and quick conversion between packaging formats.
NSC Packaging-Pakea will showcase its EcoPaperStraw machine line for the production of paper straws, which is specifically designed to produce tubes with very small diameters.
EcoPaperStraw can adapt to high speeds, with a nominal straw speed of 60 meters per minute.
As the impact of plastic straws on the environment becomes a growing concern for consumers, the machine enables the company to develop an alternative, more sustainable product.
Innovia Films will focus on its line of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) high-barrier packaging films, which enable processors to produce recyclable lightweight printed barrier structures to maintain product integrity.
Multi-layer extrusion technology means that the converter can contain more levels of functionality than oriented polypropylene (OPP) film.
Propafilm Strata SL, a transparent film in this production line, is designed to be used independently as a single film solution or for lamination.
Clariant will display Humitector Type 2, a halogen- and cobalt dichloride-free humidity indicator card that combines multiple reversible color humidity indicators and a patent-pending irreversible 60% humidity signal. This pairing provides a more detailed packaging history than the traditional reversible Type 1.
In addition, these cards meet and are preferred for handling, packaging, transportation, and use of moisture/return and/or process sensitive equipment (IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-033D) regulations.
Generally, a decrease in the humidity level of the package (including extended storage time under dry conditions) will cause the symbol to return to its original color. Humitector Type 2 indicators combine reversible indicators (5% and 10%) with irreversible (60% RH) indicator points to provide reliable and permanent indications for long-term high humidity conditions that affect packaging and its contents.
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Post time: Oct-20-2021