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The fabric of honeycomb curtain is water woven fabric, water resistance, high temperature resistance, made by special technology, unique honeycomb shape structure effectively maintain indoor temperature, high efficiency and energy saving.

Honeycomb curtain is protective to the home, one of very popular fashionable best-selling curtains” because it can “protect furniture”. This curtain is made of soft decoration material, which is very popular at present. (It can store air in the mezzanine, keeping the temperature in the room and saving energy.) In addition to its unique insulation, honeycomb curtains are said to have a great role in protecting your privacy! In addition, the fabric after high temperature treatment, will not be deformed, there are a variety of special shapes, such as right triangle, octagon, trapezoid and circle.

Honeycomb structure, can form a unique barrier layer in the hollow “honeycomb”, so that the air stays in the “bee hole”, adding other curtain incomparable energy saving advantages. The sun in the clear sky is very cool; You must be warm when the cold strikes. Honeycomb curtain effectively keeps indoor temperature balance, heat insulation and warmth, creating a feeling of warm in winter and cool in summer.

When the lower curtain is closed, it creates a private space inside,And the bottom fabric can stay anywhere, Allows the room to be bathed in sunlight while maintaining privacy.When the upper gauze is fully opened and the curtain is fully transparent, Plenty of natural light inside, Because of the gauze filter, the sunlight becomes particularly soft.

Honeycomb curtain shading heat insulation function more variable. Honeycomb shade also calls organ shade, with shutter shade different is, the hexagonal structure of its shade leaf imitative honeycomb, this can make the curtain becomes more mutifunctional. Honeycomb curtain scalability, flexibility is very good, can replace the screen window, convenient free change control shading. On the color honeycomb curtain do color double spell, the appearance level can also praise

Post time: Sep-03-2021