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While shade curtains are practical, they can also be beautifully designed to coordinate with your curtains and other decor. So when you shop, think about your priorities, including purpose and overall appearance, methods of control and installation, and ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Purpose and Style

Shades provide privacy, insulation, noise reduction, sun protection and temperature control. Stylistically, they can lift the overall mood of your room. While soft neutral tones such as white, beige, or gray can provide significant shading, dark grays, navy blues, and black provide the best shading. Roman sunshades can be done without extra curtains, but rollers and honeycomb sunshades look best when paired with curtains or hangings.

Materials and colors

The hood is usually made of tightly woven polyester fabric and is invisible in most cases due to its insulating black liner, blocking sunlight and surrounding light. To create a seamless, appealing look both inside and outside, look for shadows of the same color on both sides, rather than a black material border on the back. While carefully designed hues work well in lighter colors, including white and ivory, dark colors do tend to block light more effectively.

Dimensions and installation

When it comes to chroma size, you have two basic options: pre-cut or custom. Pre-cut shadows are available in a range of standard sizes to accommodate a range of regular size residential Windows. When buying, simply measure your Windows inside or outside the frame, depending on the type of installation you choose. Then, choose the correct size from the options provided, or select the “Custom size” option and follow the brand instructions.

When measuring shade shades, consider where and how they will be installed. Determine if they are placed inside or outside the window frame and if they are attached to the window frame with tape or metal.

Sticky sunshades tend to be the cheapest option and are best for quick DIY solutions, as well as for travel and cottage/rv living. You simply measure and cut the curtains to fit your window, tear off the adhesive strips and stick them to the window frames according to the brand instructions.

The inner mounting visor needs to be accurately measured and mounted within the window frame with mounting brackets. These shadows provide a clean, sleek look and take up less space than exterior installation shadows. They also offer more options for tiered curtains and other window treatments.

Exterior sunshades are mounted outside the window frame by mounting brackets for maximum shade from light. These are usually rooms recommended by window specialists that require maximum darkness, such as bedrooms. They require more accurate measurements than built-in sunshades and also make Windows look bigger.

Control and maintenance

The manual mask is operated by a rope, a chain, or a push button. Rollers, beehives and Roman curtains are available in both cordless and cordless varieties. Electric curtains have no wires or labels and work with integrated electronics. Families with children and pets are considered safer to use cordless sunshades because of the risk of rope tripping or entangling body parts.

If you’re looking for electric sunglasses, you’ll find several control options. For a more integrated look and feel, these shadows can be paired with a switch on the wall or an app on a smart device. Pairing electric sunglasses with smart home devices has many benefits, including programmable timer options. For example, if your home gets a lot of sunshine in the morning or afternoon, you can turn your shadows down at certain times.

Always follow the manufacturer’s care instructions for maintenance. However, in general, most hoods can be cleaned with microfiber dust cloths or brush head vacuums. Rolling curtains are the easiest to clean because they are flat. Honeycomb and soft fold Roman shadows have more texture, so will need to be careful of dust. For electric blinds, dust removal should be sufficient.

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